What is Fluoride Varnishing?

Fluoride Varnish is a pale yellow gel that is applied to both baby and adult teeth to strengthen the tooth enamel, and therefore reducing the risk of tooth decay. Sometimes fluoride varnish may be used to treat very early decay to try and prevent the need for a filling.

Typical treatment length

15 minutes

What is the process?


Fluoride Varnishing can be used from the age of three if the dentist feels that a child is at risk from tooth decay.


Your child’s teeth will be gently wiped dry and then the Fluoride Varnish will be applied in the form of a gel, using a soft brush. The varnish sets quickly. There is no pain or discomfort during the procedure.


On the day of treatment you should not brush your child’s teeth until the evening. Your child should also be discouraged from consuming hard foods such as apples, crisps and nuts until the following day.

Is Fluoride Treatment safe for my child?

Fluoride Treatment is very safe and provides excellent benefits and protection to your child’s teeth!

Your dentist will check that your child has no known allergies or pre-existing medical conditions that could mean an alternative gel product should be used.

Excess fluoride intake can cause white spots on children’s teeth; care should always be taken when brushing to make sure your child does not swallow fluoride toothpastes. As Fluoride Varnish is normally only applied a maximum of twice a year the chance of white spots developing is minimal.